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When I first learned about Legacy Republic, I did my research, I became very excited about the prospect of actually having a viable backup option should something happen to my albums!  Even better, I can now actually share my albums with friends and family, near and far!  All of my energy and focus was on what Legacy Republic could do to preserve my albums!

Then, it occurred to me that I have some old home movies that we haven't looked at in years...I could go ahead and send some of those in as well!  I had to search to find my home movies...they were crammed into the back of the entertainment center, behind all of our blu-rays.  Geez, if a fire broke out in our house...those were totally going to be gone because I didn't even know where they were!

So I gathered 2 albums and 4 VHS tapes to send in to Legacy Republic.  But you know me...I'm always looking for a discount, so I researched what it meant to join Legacy Republic as a Consultant!

It's actually a pretty great deal...for a limited time it's $199 to join, but you get $200 in processing credit to send in your first albums and/or home movies, pictures, slides and more (in my mind, that makes it free to join!)  Then they send you a box of shipping materials to use to safely package and ship your media for digitizing!  Not to mention a cute tote bag, order forms and welcome information!

BONUS, when you need additional shipping supplies, Legacy Republic sends them to you FREE!  WHAT?!  Free website, yup!  Free credit card processing, yup!  Lots of training, whoop! An energetic corporate staff ready to answer your questions and help you make Legacy Republic whatever you want it to be!  Oh my, I'm in heaven!

So I did all this research, decided to join and submitted my first order.

Why am I just now telling you about this?  Well, I did want to wait until I received my first order to have an honest sharing of the process and the results!  Meanwhile, on our LR Facebook Page, I'm reading about all of these people who were watching their digitized movies and how they were laughing and crying and how it meant so much.  Can I just say, until it's YOU, it's just not the same!!  

I truly do NOT like crying and avoid anything that could possibly make me cry, unless it's from laughing so hard that I'm crying!  I honestly never thought seeing the results of my first home movies would be emotional, but WOW was I wrong!!  

It was cute watching my now 21-year old daughter in dance class and gymnastics, and of course LOVED hearing her little 5-year old voice tell me she loves me!  But I was NOT prepared and didn't even remember that my Mom and Dad were on that video!  Seriously, it brings tears to my eyes now just telling you!  They both passed away and are gone...and there's just nothing like hearing their voices and seeing their faces and remembering!!

Here you can view one of my little video snips of Mandy at 5 years old!  This video is 16 years old…so you can see where the quality is deteriorating…but no more…now I have a DVD plus my FOREVER online MemoryShare account secure, online access to all of my memories!!

And to think, I wasn't even worried about protecting these memories, I was solely focused on my scrapbook albums!

Did you know that your media is deteriorating every year?  The average lifespan for a video tape is 10 years...mine are 15-21 years old.  Thankfully, Legacy Republic does all they can to give you the best quality production of your videos and will repair where they can to ensure that your memories are available for generations to come!  Even if a VCR is no longer available to view them!

What memories do you have stuffed in boxes, closets and attics?  Dust them off and give Legacy Republic the opportunity to bring your memories to life!

How about those Scrapbooks and Albums?  Click here to see one of the albums I had digitized…LOVE LOVE LOVE it…and most of my family has never seen this album, and now it can easily be shared!!

We bring your favorite home movies back to life. We turn your priceless family videotapes, film and photos into memorable DVDs and a private online account to watch, share and preserve for generations.

BONUS, we also provides digitizing of Photo Albums and Scrapbooks!!

Have you ever worried about what a typhoon, hurricane, flood or fire will do to your memories?  Ever fear for the longevity of your families albums, photos and home videos? Allow us to secure those memories and give you the ability to easily view, share and relive the treasure of memories!!

Here is a pdf of the boys baby album I've had digitized!  I'm so excited to be able to easily share them and know they are protected in digital format!
8 million families have trusted us to transfer their memories. Your home movies are safe & sound from the time we receive them until they are back in your hands. In fact, we guarantee it! 

Are you one of 90 million?
The Legacy Republic community celebrates the family connections made through reliving and sharing memories. We protect yesterday's treasured moments, so they may be enjoyed for generations to come.

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It's safe, easy and secure to submit your memories for digitizing!  More security cameras than any casino or bank you've ever seen. From arrival to shipment back to you, every single second of the process is recorded as an added security measure.

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You can pack and send your memories quickly and easily with our step-by-step packing tutorial!  

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