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Is your Cricut Mat losing its "STICK"?!!!

Thanks to fellow consultant, Sandy Trammell, for sharing these tips!

The old green Cricut Mats:

When new:  Pull off the plastic cover sheet for the first time, pat your hands all over the mat several times until the super sticky is reduced to normal. If you do this, you will not have to peel any paper off the mat.

When the mat loses the stickiness, wash it in soap and water and use a vegetable brush or scraper to scour around and loosen the paper bits. Air dry for about an hour. This will work for several cleanings and the mat will remain sticky.

If the mat needs reconditioning (not sticky enough to hold paper while cutting) first wash as illustrated above and let dry. Brush with the wide side of the Bonding Memories across the mat being careful to stay inside the edges of the mat. 

If you get some on the outside edges of the mat, just use our rub & erase eraser to remove the excess glue. Brush the glue across the mat and then go up and down over the mat. This does not have to be a thick layer but you want to cover the mat fully. Let dry about 20 minutes and pat your hands all over the mat until the desired stickiness is achieved. I count at least 36 full hand pats all over the mat before I try a piece of scrap paper to see if I need to pat more. (The thicker the glue, the more pats)

The NEW Green/White Cricut Mats:

The new mats are "reconditioned" the same way. You just remove the plastic cover and wet them before the first use. The new ones are not as sticky originally as the old ones. 

BONUS Tip:  There is a right and wrong side to the plastic coveryou’re your mat will stay sticky longer if you put the rougher side on the tacky glue every time you use it. You can be consistent by writing you name on top of the cover sheet when new and if you name is correct and at the top, you have the cover sheet on correctly. 

Order your Bonding Memories (#1512) and Rub & Remove Eraser (#Z1207) today! 

Be sure to check out my Cricut page where I have other great tips and downloadable files!

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